About Us

Prior to 2015, Madison Paul was a compulsive shopper. She was always out buying things — clothes, bags, shoes, kitchen appliances, home decors, and anything and everything that she could get her hands on. She was so much into buying stuff that she was always out of money. At the same time, everything that she bought were just into her closets, storage areas and even inside her garage. So even if Madison was compulsively buying all these things, she was not even using them. So everything was turning out to be useless.

Buy Less Crap - About Us

Fortunately, Madison’s friends and family staged an intervention. They noticed how much she was really struggling with her finances while at the same time, not really using all of the stuff that she had been buying. So, they brought her to a therapist and it was then that she was diagnosed to have a mental condition. However, Madison’s condition was quite extreme. There are other people like her who are also suffering from the same problem of being compulsively addicted to buying stuff.

So when Madison has been able to totally overcome what she was going through, her friends decided to set up this Buy Less Crap website. The goal is really to give light to the fact that this is becoming a big problem, and Madison is just one of those people afflicted with it. Aside from this, it is the goal of this website to bring into focus the issue of hoarding and its environmental impacts.

For this reason, this website seeks to provide tips and tricks on how to overcome the problems being faced by hoarders and even provides a facility for seeking help from professionals. If you suffer from this kind of problem, we hope that this website will be able to help you out.

Thank you so much!