This page contains a compilation of the most frequently asked questions from our community. Our goal here is to provide you with more information of what Buy Less Crap is all about. However, know that we are aware that you may have further questions about us and the work that we do. For this purpose, we encourage you to contact us anytime and send us whatever questions or concerns you may have.

Buy Less Crap - FAQs

What is Buy Less Crap?

The Buy Less Crap website focuses on the issue of compulsive buying and shopping that is now a rising trend among people, most specially, professionals. We want to provide as much information and guidance as we can in order to help people curb their habits of buying a lot of crap. The point is to enable them to not only save money and resources but also free them from emotional turmoil that this brings as well as lessen the impact on the environment.

What kinds of services do Buy Less Crap provide?

We provide information, advice, and guidance on how to deal with the problem of hoarding and buying stuff that you do not really need. We have lots of resources that are arranged per category and according to themes. Please feel free to check out these services. Know that what we are making available to you are all FREE of charge.

Is it possible to seek professional help and support via Buy Less Crap?

Yes, that is very much possible. Buy Less Crap has a network of former compulsive shoppers who are always willing to share their stories and even therapists and medical practitioners who can help diagnose your condition and help you seek solutions to your problem. Please know that initial consultations with our medical practitioners are always given FREE of charge.