In this page, we seek to highlight testimonials from the people whom we have helped. Feel free to read though the testimonials and click through their life stories. If you are suffering from compulsive shopping and hoarding, I sincerely hope that you will be able to get inspired from the testimonials that we have featured here.

Buy Less Crap - Testimonials

Sarah, 30

I never really realized the kind of self-harm that I was inflicting on myself with what I was doing, just being very obsessive on buying stuff that I never really needed. Every time I buy something, I always justify it by saying that I need that stuff and that it can either make me happy or that it is a necessity to my life. Of course this was very wrong. That is why I am really very thankful to Buy Less Crap for helping me reform and see the error in what I was doing.

Ted, 45

I was always in denial that I was actually a compulsive shopper. I always tell people that I am buying things because I need them when in fact, almost immediately after I buy something, it almost always ends up in storage. I am so happy that through Buy Less Crap, I was able to talk with a therapist who gave me concrete advice in terms of how I could manage and eventually stop my compulsive buying behaviour. Now I am living a very simple lfe and I am definitely very happy with it.

Anna, 40

Thank you so much Buy Less Crap for opening my eyes to the error of my ways. It is definitely a good thing that you provide a lot of resources in terms of how to curb our addiction to unneccessary things. I hope that you keep doing the work that you are engaged in. Thank you so much.